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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
                 -  Einstein

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The Love Of Writing
Writing isn't something I have to do, as some writers claim. Writing is something I love to do. It's something that makes me feel good and creative and when I'm finished a piece of writing, no matter how big or small, it's a wonderful feeling. When I finished my first book, it felt like heaven. 

It Actually Is All About You
We think that's a selfish phrase.  We chuckle when Freaky talks about that.  It's all about her her her. Well friends, it IS all about you.  This life is a singular event, for the moment.  After we die, we may see our beliefs or faith played out, with a Heaven, or a Summerland, or whatever your idea of the afterlife is.

Fear is Not an Option - Michael J. Fox and Life
Here's hoping that Rush Limbaugh caught a glimpse of Oprah today.  I doubt he's a fan, but maybe one of his female relatives had tuned in. Today, she welcomed Michael J. Fox to her show, in all his shake and shimmy glory.  He's a heart and soul, wrapped in an imperfect body.  In other words he's human

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
We had heavy winds tonight, howling, as though the sound was a canopy above our heads.  My thoughts ran wild with the wind as it whipped around, catching this bit of scrap or that stick.  

Some Writers Thrive On Change
For many writers, myself included, a change really is as good as a rest.  To really keep your writing fresh and crisp, sometimes you have to give yourself a change of scene.  Variety can ignite a spark of new creativity and kick-start a piece you’ve had slow simmering.

The Perfect White Load
It always fascinated me, watching my mother fold her whites.  They sparkled, no matter how old.  My father's undershirts would be as white as the day she bought them.

Brad Pitt - Making Things Right
Let us be the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because he does not have the drugs you and I have. 

A Farewell to the Polaroid
This month sees the end of the Polaroid snap shot as we’ve so fondly known it the past forty years or so. They’ll cease production of the Polaroid instant pictures. 

Dearest Santa,
Every year I watch you go off to do what you love, off to listen to children tell you what they want for Christmas and every year you astound me with the honor and gentility with which you perform this beloved annual task.  

101 Words - A blessing in disguise
I have cataracts.  My eyes went bad after a year of multiple major surgeries. Apparently our eyes can react badly to such trauma and the medications that go along with it.

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A Few Samples of Poetry
Kindred Flight



Humor and the Writing Life

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