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There is a Padlock on the Hamster Cage

There is a padlock on the hamster cage. There were vice-grips last night because the small padlock has enough of a hole that she-the-badass-hamster can mess with it and wake us up with her Houdini-like shenanigans.   

Her name is Pumpkin and she's an old one  Two years plus.  That's one old hamster according to what friends say.  My youngest got her a few weeks ago and this soft little thing is the nicest of her kind I have ever met.  She's polite and cuddly and hasn't drawn blood yet.  We're on good terms.  But then again, I don't have to change her bedding or deal with her in any caretaker type way at all.  That's not my job.  ( I love to kid myself knowing full well this summer my youngest will forget...yeah....that's IF the hamster lives that long).   

Pumpkin can get out of just about anything.  According to my daughter's friend, Pumpkin's first mommy, this rodent can undo twist ties, get through wire, paperclips, bobby pins (we're currently missing clue)  She can undo anything, get out of anything and generally piss off her household with the rattling, metallic clicking and noises this hamster can make at night when no one is around to keep her attention held.  Although, with the number of hours this old babe is on that wheel, and how healthy she is, I'm contemplating having one built.   

She woke us up the other night with a near-escape we had with the bobbie pins.  As I said, some are missing.  Middle of the night and she's nearly out, and nearly a knosh for Lola the dog.  My youngest, the rodent's mommy, gets up and gets frustrated trying to find something that would contain this critterbomb.  She spies her bike padlock and voila, she's got her.  Pumpkin can't possibly escape an actual lock.

 Nope, she can't. 

But an hour later, she's been able to wake the household again.  The lock makes all kinds of cool noises, she discovered. 

Hence the vice grips. 

There are some things you just don't think you're ever going to see.  


  2010 JLD



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