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Sex & Pennies
Or All Hail The Email Refresh Button

Well, today I saw a list of the 100 top keywords on the web. Interesting list. Sex was first. Imagine that. Now doesn't that just shock all of you?

So now writers will make sure that "sex" is in the title. Makes sense. The one base behavior we humans can claim as our own. Not sex for procreation but sex for pleasure. There must be a species or two of animals who engage in slap and tickle for the hell of it. But I really don't know what they are and to be perfectly honest, I can't see myself looking it up on the net. I'm just not interested enough.

Last count, when I opened any of the multitudinous spam letters I get and it turned out to be an adult site, 7 browser windows opened. I think I maxed out at 8 once. Now this is not to say that I always do it unknowingly. *cough cough* But then how many of you can truly and honestly place your hand on your heart and declare you've never surfed an adult site? I'll count emails if you want to send me declarations.

Anyway, sex was number one. I have no intention of going through the other ninety-nine. Sex is enough for me.

And as I opened a fresh word pad to work on a few minutes ago, I automatically refreshed my email page. I do that every time I change browsers. Mind you, I usually have two or three browsers minimum open at any time. Plus psp and perhaps DW too. It's all there, designed to freeze my computer to arctic permafrost. My husband thinks I'm nuts. But then he freezes when he opens his mp3 files or Adobe. I don't know why. I'm a writer not a comp tech. I just know that I can have the most amazing number of windows and programs open...and nothing. No freeze. Not even frost byte.

And so I refreshed email....again.

I do that now. It's been ages it seems. I don't remember much before that. I'm hooked and I 'm here to admit it. I have no idea when it actually took hold....this refresh addiction. I work, I sleep, I clean my house and enjoy my family. But when I'm here, contributing to my already-advanced case of chat ass, I refresh email about as often as I light a cigarette.

I joined the ranks of the penny web writers a few months ago. Could have been a mistake....hang on I'll check my email real quick and tell ya....

At these writing communities we can contribute, get rated, rate others and read to our hearts content on any topic we choose. DOES it get better than that?? Nope, I doubt it. We post articles and watch the stats, our place in the community and absorb others work like manna from the gods. Come to think about it, I suppose that's what it is. I don't know any writer who isn't a voracious reader. We generally have a book or two going beside the bed. And at least three reads going in the bathroom at any given time. o O (wonder where "bathroom books" sits on the top 100 list?)

And so I keep an eye. It's like investing in stocks. The Tao Jones average. The Way of the Writer. I go with the flow. And refresh again.

It is addicting. But the most addicting part is my membership in a writers email group. Oh am I glad I found that email. Reading emails by other writers on anything and everything is motivating to say the least. Topics range from writer's tools to problems with communities. From humor to How-to's. I've been writing for over twenty years. I've published and struggled. Been profitable and been penniless. I've read and reread books for writers. Writing is a rather alone career. These minor glimpses into other writers' lives and work habits, give us company and encouragement. I've learned a lot about web publishing through this group in three short weeks.

But that damn refresh button is wearing out. Each refresh brings another posting by a writing member. And I gobble it up. I switch back to my word pad and begin again. It brings me diversion. And a taste for wanting more.


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