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Writers Are Sex Fiends?

I am amazed at the number of responses I got for Sex and Pennies. So many writers claimed they too, had a refresh addiction. Here I thought I was totally alone in this behavior. I even contemplated not publishing the first article for fear of humiliation. I had no idea there were so many other weird people out there. No idea I'd set off an avalanche of "wow, you described me to a tee (tea, te - pick one)" emails and comments.

Can anyone tell me when in human history, a basket of laundry took on such paramount importance? Or why a load of unwashed dishes automatically brands one as a slob? In my life, I've been judged because of

a) single mom status (for a while before marriage)
b) being female
c) being a writer (they call us "writers....ok, unemployed)
d) opinionated
and of course
e) a computer junkie

So far as the laundry or dishes go, they will be there tomorrow. I have no worry about that. I figure that I’ve picked my priorities. Family first, loved ones, writing, sex. o O (damn, did I say that??) Laundry and dishes are way down on that list. In the grand scheme of things, they don’t mean anything. They are replaceable. I can always buy more dishes or more clothes. I cannot buy time with my kids and husband or time with my friends, or buy the words that come to me. They are my inspiration. To be honest, laundry doesn’t do a thing to inspire me.

Gee people, we could be addicted to sex instead of the refresh button. Wouldn't that just fuel the "writers aren't real people" attitude. We'd see listings in the search engines like....
Writers Who Write About Sex,
Writers - the Other Sex Fiend,
Writing for Copies and Sex,
When Writing Leaves You Wanting More (Sex),
Writers Who Use Sex For Profit,
Writing - The Sex Life of a Word Processor
and with search engines...the ever popular "Writers and Free Sex"!

There would even be sites that send out free pics each day in email of Naughty Naked Writers. An edifying spectacle indeed. I know I don't want to look at myself naked....why would anyone else want to?

Needless to say, we’re not (all) sex fiends. Well, maybe some of us are verging on it. But that’s an article on its own.

I’m still trying to figure out how to use the second most used word found by search engines - “mp3“. How am I going to work that one into an article? No idea and I don’t even want to try. Sex (number one on the list) has been good enough for me.

People could so get the wrong impression of me here.

I am a word fiend....a wordaholic.....a wordmeister....a word processor....a word addict. The refresh addiction is merely a side effect of being addicted to words. I absorb all I can about writing. Actually, about most things. It’s that thirst for knowledge thing we writers have. I doubt anyone could find a group MORE into trivia and knowledge than writers. We feed our souls. We fuel the word cannon. We hunger for more and more and more.

We don’t however, hunger for more laundry or more dishes. So, I think the next step is to open a club category at Yahoo - “Writing Slobs“.

We’ll leave “Writing Sex Addicts” to their own devices.


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