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Small Towns Real Writers

There's been a lot of talk recently about towns. Small towns, big towns, my town, your town. Towns. Towns and merchants and buildings and communities. Living together under one sky and sharing air. Nasty thought considering the viruses and germs that inhabit our breathy comestibles. 

Towns are cool. They really can be. Other times they can be boring, nosy and mediocre at best. Ever notice as you're driving through some small towns, they peer out from between their curtains and just watch you. Stare at you while you're going into the local gas station to buy gum. Their look says it all. It says "we don't take to your kind around here". It makes your skin crawl. At least it does mine. Narrow-mindedness always has. I think tunnel vision and narrow-mindedness must be related in the viral lexicon. You'd think that narrow mindedness would breed tunnel vision strictly because of its girth. Narrow/tunnel. But perhaps it's actually the other way around. Maybe seeing something in such a limited fashion begets narrowness of the mind. Or maybe those town residents just need a good laxative. Who knows. 

One very good rule of thumb is, if you do an "artsyfartsy" type of job, such as writing or web design or hell I don't know, article "development" not...I repeat do not let that information out while making your gas station purchase. 

Yes, stand there ....light your cigarette with panache (for this piece, there are NO non-smoking bi laws) flick your hair back, shift your laptop to your other hand grandly and state clearly... 
"I'm a writer, renting that lovely little three room cottage by the lake to finish my work. " 

Dead silence. 
Blank empty stares. Do they know what a writer is? Probably so. Do they know what a writer does? Probably so. Do they have a Hollywood concept of us? Most assuredly. 

So to them we look like people who are between "real" jobs. 

But that's cool. They have no clue they are providing major fodder for your next humor column. A look at small town life through the eyes of a writer. I think Steven King may have been describing a few towns I've run into lately.

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