Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
                 -  Einstein

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We Become Writers Because...

1. We Become Writers Because...The recognition is the most rewarding thing. Money just doesnít stack up next to the letters we get from all over the world. Especially those from the maximum security penitentiaries. We know there is no letter bomb in that package. All of us know the thrill of seeing our name at the Book Bonanza in the secondsí section. We know that if our book is out of print, people know its far more valuable than originally, particularly those with torn covers.

2. We Become Writers Because...We love to do signings. Its one of the perks. The volume of fluctuating energies we get from our readers is beyond description. And the handshakes, canít forget those. Each and every one meaning something special. We generally give free gifts at signings. My favorite is my fact sheet - A Complete Guide To Sanitary Hand washing.

3 We Become Writers Because...We work best under pressure. Three articles due the same day doesnít faze us at all. On the contrary, we also make our work available to friends and fellow writers for their web sites. After all, we know how busy THEY are. One more deadline isnít going to kill us.

4. We Become Writers Because...We love the low impact aerobics built into our jobs. Our forearms remain sleek and muscle bound all the time. Typing is the reason. What a benefit! The muscles in our neck get good work outs. Each deadline we have a routine. We sit at our computers and work for hours on our near-done projects. When we awaken, we find weíve used our neck muscles to prevent head injuries. What good exercise.

5. We Become Writers Because...We know that we are most productive with the familiar hustle and bustle of the family in close proximity. Why, itís almost impossible to concentrate without sibling rivalry to keep ideas flowing. We relax at our desks, letting the words flow from our fingertips like pearls. And all writers need a reminder now and then to bathe their keyboards. Juice from a kids cup is as good a way as any.

6. We Become Writers Because...We are models of patience. Each of us breeze through the times our work is in the Rounds. We are so busy with our next project, we often forget to check our mail boxes and emails for days and days at a time.

7. We Become Writers Because...We have a total grasp of our language. Writers donít struggle with phrases or search for words. Weíve all memorized the Thesaurus. None of us needs reference books.

8. We Become Writers Because...We have an overwhelming edge on other professions. There are so many opportunities, we can never have enough writers submitting for the same column. Editors love unsolicited manuscripts. They read them hungrily. And we writers know that rarely do any manuscripts get rejected.

9. We Become Writers Because...We love the people we deal with daily - the publishers and purchasers of our workís first rights. We know that we never have to wait for our checks. They always arrive on time.

10. We Become Writers Because...


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