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Monday, Aug. 11, 2008

Animal Issues

Animals have taken quite the media stroll on the catwalk in the past week or ten days.  They're popping up in the news in some pretty odd ways.

* We had the woman from California who sold her house to have her dead dog cloned.  When her picture was splashed all over the world media with those mad-adorable puppies (there is nothing sweeter than a pit-bull puppy face) she was recognized as having kidnapped this Mormon fellow in the late seventies.  She did it to make him her sex slave.  Some people's kids.

*  Next we have the unconscionable situation in Beijing with the stray cats.  Thousands taken inhumanely and put down.  For the sake of a sporting event.  The words of disgust stick in my pen. 

* Then we have the two-faced kitten born in Ohio.  Baby is fine and can live an ordinary life.  I suggested they call it Janus.

And sadly, we find in the news that this economy is effecting more than mortgage holders.  Seems folks are being foreclosed and when they leave, the family pet gets left behind, likely as not because the family has no idea what their future holds.

The SPCA and the American Humane Society are stretched to the limit, as are private rescue centers.  If you're thinking about adopting a pet, now's the time.  So  many need homes.

And in the spirit of loving our fur babies, I started a simple blog about my dog Rufus.  All revenue from that page goes to the American Humane Society, so go poke around and read about the cutest little dog of all time.  

Chiweenie Chat
A labor of pet love

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