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Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2008

A Name and That Certain Look

This blog used to be called "A Writer's Blog"  A fair one as monikers go, but with the way my life has been going the past few years, I just didn't feel it reflected what my journey is about now.  

I love the word fortunate.  Like blessed, it indicates a current state of being. 

And so, I changed the blog name.  I felt that I wanted to see that word every day when I opened this page.  I want to keep on remembering all the amazing things I've learned over the past few years about my own road, my courage, my love of joy, my mission to be more me than I have ever been, realizing that worry is so very futile, about my writing and so many other things.  

Ok, starting to sound gushy now.  On to other merry things...

I finally offered up my Quit Smoking Journal.  I've been asked enough times to post it that I have, finally.  I set all revenue for that page to the American Cancer Society.  I think it's appropriate. 

I also set up a basic blog over at Blogger so that you could comment or subscribe.  I love having my thoughts here, but accommodate whenever possible.

On a completely different note, have you ever noticed that some celebrities just know how to hook you in a photograph?  I was chatting with my friend earlier and I showed her a picture someone posted at a forum I go to.  It was Gerard Butler and Sting.  Two really beautiful examples of the male of our fine species. She commented on Sting's gaze into the camera.  

"Ever notice that Matthew McConnehay has that same penetrating gaze?" she asked me.

I replied that I'd never really noticed, although MM is pretty hot.  

She looked at me like I was five.

"Yep.  Sting and Matt, they have that same look.  Like they're looking straight into your pants."

I figure she nailed it.



  2008 JLD



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