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Friday, Aug. 15, 2008

Blowing Hot And Cold

The humidity was civilized today.  That's not an easy thing to say around here on an August day.  Generally the moisture in the air is so heavy that I retreat back indoors to the air conditioning and my laptop.  I'm happy here at my desk when outside, it's as close to raining as it can get without really raining.  

I'm captivated by the scenes of tropical locations in old films, complete with rattan furniture and big ceiling fans.  All very romantic looking.  However, I could no more live in the tropics than I could bungy jump from the Sears Tower.  And I'm not likely to do that....let me think.....ever!

I love dry days, hot or cold.  My dog loves the walks he gets when his human friend doesn't feel like her skin is sliding off. 

Don't get me wrong, I love chilly weather, too.  I might not be so keen in a few years when my knees decide to complain, but for now, autumn is my favorite season of the year.  The color changes, the crisp weather;  it's around this time of year, near the end of summer, when I really start to crave chilly weather.  There is nothing like putting on comfortable jeans and a sweater and taking off with Rufus on one of our outings. Feeling stronger than I have in three years, I have a hunch that this fall is going to be more glorious than ever.

Each day holds its own adventures, though.  I can sit here enjoying my time at my desk and writing, but I also enjoy sitting out on the veranda with a mug of hot coffee during a thunder storm or a warm summer rain.  

I deliberately go looking for adventure, so I usually find it.  Even if it's just a matter of a perfect ending for whatever I'm working on.  Those moments can be so satisfying; little in the grand scheme. but so satisfying.  

Working on a piece today about travel, I got melancholy for a few minutes.  I miss travelling and want to do more.  I'd love to spend half our year on the road, in a nice caravan, doing travel articles and reviews.  That would be a fun way to go for a while.

And without question, travelling in the fall is the very best time of year.  After the crowds, before the winter, good weather and scenic leafy vistas.  Perfect. 

For now, I'll await the fall with a smile and enjoy the cool of the house.


  2008 JLD



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