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Wednesday, Aug. 36, 2008


I give credit to anyone who's able to blog every day. I have a tough time with all the updates I do and new material, to write here daily. Huge kudos to some bloggers I read daily...who bring fresh content into my morning coffee ritual.

I'm trying to become more of a blogger. Not easy to do. I'm more used to writing an article and being done with it. The day to day stuff isn't something I'm good at relating and yet everyday is filled with moments of fodder. Each day there are things, occurrences and people to write about. I simply have to learn to take full advantage of them.

I've been working on some fun Lens over on Squidoo It's a fun and easy to use interface for making one-page "sites" on any topic you want. I've done a few on the small dogs in our house, a few on movies, a decorating page, haunted places and so on. Yes, for me, buying is like shoe-shopping for other women. However, I've promised myself lately I would simply work on those I have and weed out and expire those I don't want anymore..that aren't fun to work on anymore. I'm guessing that Squidoo allows me to build new ideas without buying and hosting still more domains.

Ghost Haunts has had a face lift, getting ready for the Halloween season when it gets even busier. I'm also working on some short stories for the season.

Otherwise, just messing with things that feel fun and easy.


  2008 JLD


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