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Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008

That List Everyone's Been Talking About

I've been hearing a lot about Bucket Lists. It's the new fad, listing the things you want to do/see/play, etc before you "kick the bucket". Great movie, by the way. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Really excellent and completely worth renting.

The other day, the author of 100 Things To Do Before You Die, died. I think the article said he got through about half of his list.

He was a successful man with successful book sales and a life apparently worth envying, with travel and experiences and more. Successful and loved. And in the blink of an eye, and hitting his head, he passed from this world. He died in the process of living those things he wanted to experience.

Life is just that spontaneous. One second we're here, the next we're not.

That tells me one thing. It tells me, that when I make sure to shift my thinking when worry and fear creep in, that I'm refusing to waste those moments. I can't get them back again. They're too precious to waste, so we have to spend them, and spending them in joy is so much nicer than fear and worry.

Lately it seems like there could be more to worry about, but I can't seem to look at it that way. Things are as they are. My worrying about them will not change anything and the negativity poisons what is.

Making a list is so much more fun than eating myself alive with worry and fear.

Yep, so much more fun.


  2008 JLD


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