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Hell's Bitchin'  -  Reality yeah

Gordon Ramsey must have high blood pressure.  I don't see how he could possibly be a relaxed person, his stress levels seemingly off the scale.

I can't imagine being one of those people battling for a chef's position on Hell's Kitchen.  Wow, what a horrible hurricane of negativity coming straight at your face. I'm a peaceful person.  I like calm.  And laughter...let's not forget laughter.  Life is simply too flat without a good guffaw daily.

I really love some reality series, but this season's Hell's Kitchen is just pathetic.  He doesn't seem to have a good chef in the bunch and I can't imagine him feeling comfortable with any of them to run his new kitchen, not to mention the quarter mil a year salary.  I understand nervousness and such, but these kids are getting a really slow start.

At this point I'd say Jen has a decent chance of proving her mettle in the next few weeks.  Here's hoping.


Congrats to Biggest Loser Ali.  What a sweetheart.  They all did so well and were all winners, but Ali is the epitome of Law of Attraction.  She knew, even as she and mom were cut, that she'd be the first woman Biggest Loser.  She kept saying so and ended up coming back, to win big!  Right on for encouraging healthy weight loss without surgery.

Reality TV gives us the chance to watch others as they face challenges and obstacle courses.  It's fun.  It makes us feel less vulnerable and geeky at times.  Yes, you can't turn around these days without a reality show about it, this season's gem being Farmer Takes A Wife.  I won't be tuning into that one.  


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