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The Evils of WOW

Ok so maybe it's not really common yet, but the players of large multi-player online games like Diablo 2, Guild Wars and World of Warcraft are getting older and older.  I confess, I do love to play them.  Not necessarily all the time I can, like the kids and my husband, but I get into these moods where I love to play.  

Today my eldest got me interested in finally playing World of Warcraft.  I am a Guild Wars lover and so had to take some time getting used the differences in WOW.  I was snitty at first, not wanting to change, being a GW fan a long time.  But I finally relaxed into the play and it seems I'm going to have to pencil in some time each afternoon to game a while in the enchanting scenery and atmosphere of WOW.

Teaching an old dawg new tricks isn't always the easiest thing to do and my kid did an admirable job.  This particular offspring, being the eldest, knew just the points I'd get ornery about and so cushioned those bits, while extolling the virtues of the unique and very cool differences.

So off I went, at first choosing night elf as my character type, fascinated at the purplish forest the elves call home.  However, being the practical sort (yeah) I made a human character to ease my way into the game.  My practice bitch, so to speak.  She will hunt her way through the countryside, learning the virtual ropes of the WOW world; becoming able at controls and attributes.

It feels fun so far.  I'll be playing more, I can tell you that right now.  I'm thinking I might be scarce for a few weeks, while I get my gaming wiggles out.  

We'll see.  Maybe I'll find a happy balance.

If not, I'll let you know when I'm back in the real world again  ;)


  2008 JLD


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