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A House Blessed

When I was young, we lived in a rather large house and surrounding it were four or five of the most gorgeous lilac bushes, from white lilacs to deep purple and every shade in between.  I love lilac.  It's one of my favorite flowers and scents.  Unfortunately their life span is so short, you only have a chance to enjoy them a few weeks.  Their season is a tease and it always leaves me wanting more.

Kind of like the watermelon season. 

This year is particularly poignant for me and my favorite lilacs.  We have two lovely bushes and they bloom with the most amazing heavily scented flowers, for bushes not pruned most years.  

The last two lilac seasons saw me in hospital.  Two years ago it was nearly three weeks, and this past year nearly four.  I missed lilac season altogether, although my eldest brought me lovely little bouquets for my side table.  

This year, the past few mornings since the blooms made their unbelievably beautiful entrance into my world, I've had the fortunate opportunity of standing at our veranda railing to inhale their fragrance on the breeze of a beautiful spring day.  I count my blessings each and every time. I'm here, I'm healthy and I've got this gift in my yard.

Earlier today, my eldest put a small bouquet on a window sill by the front door.  

The whole entrance hall is scented lilac.  It's the first thing you notice when you come into....

...a house blessed.


  2008 JLD


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