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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hell's Kitchen July '08

I love this show.  I don't know why.  Ramsey can be a loudmouthed jerk.  Sexy, in a rugged moors kind of way.  But mouthy as all hell (hence the name?)

The finale is so cool, compared to some of them so far.  Petrozza and Christina are perfect for the final two and it's too bad that the two can't both win and split the 200 k a year as a team.  They have a friendly chemistry.  Hopefully whichever of the two wins, they'll offer the other a good job.

With a wonderful trip to Times Square, NYC, both finalists are excited and ready to give this final competition a try.  Petrozza came out ahead this one time, out of all the challenges.  He finally won, with his risotto and beef. Only by one point, but he finally got there.

Back to the Kitchen to see how the remodel does and Christina is not a happy camper.  She picked the stripes and now hates the stripes.  Oops, girl.  You shouldn't have approved the stripes, hon.  

The old crew come back to help one of these nice folks win.  Jen, the bitch, says she's only there to make Ramsey see that he chose wrong.  She is so egotistical and comes off looking like the pouty little girl she is.

Who wins?

We find out next week...


Update- Christina won.  A huge congrats to her!


  2008 JLD


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