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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bits and Pieces
Odds and Ends
Kits and Kaboodles
This and Thats

Whatever you choose to call the minutiae of life, it all adds up to a pile of "stuff". 

So here's the latest "stuff" - 

My daughter's crazy Jack Russell Terrier, (note the description) has taken to grabbing hold of the back leg of the bigger of the two girls.  Being pits, it surprises me they haven't used him as a chew toy yet, but they take all he dishes out, with grace and no teeth.  He latches on to the back leg of the one, and she is profoundly patient with his little crazy ass.  She tries to shake him off.  

If that doesn't work, she sits on his head. 

She's a rock solid dog...heavy. 

His little long jaw closed around her back leg as his own back legs flail and kick, not wanting to let go of her leg and knowing he has about thirty seconds of air left.

He lets go, she runs upstairs, he latches on again and she (gods bless her) drags him up the stairs like a whipped mule.

This week's email of note -
Although the messages containing magical penis enhancer promises have declined (no pun intended), the numbers of mortgage companies emailing has increased.  I suppose given the state of the lending market these days, promises from free gas for a year, to freezers full of organic meat aren't really that surprising.  But my favorite this week... a camper van with groceries for a month.  

Yes folks, they're offering a place to stay when they repossess the house.  Novel...interesting...I'll give it a 9.5

And finally - seems as though the Will, at times, has no power.  

Suffice it to say that I know this is not the case.  The Will IS the conduit of power.  It is the place through which we take in all the power we need.  It is the place which directs that power.  It is the Great Conductor.

That's all I have to say about that for today.

  2008 JLD


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