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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On The Snip

I generally wake up happy and ready for the day, some mornings dragging my behind out of bed, but with a smile; others, getting out a bit more quickly (gone are the days of that spritely jump out of the bed)  yet with enough caution that if I cramped, I'd be able to keep from falling face first into the nightstand.  

I got up really excited about some things I'm working on, but the Snip overshadowed even that first wonderful mug of fresh coffee.  My teen decided she didn't like anything in the whole wide world (that she's under the impression revolves around her)

I couldn't do anything right, the world was out of sync, and as my grandmother used to say, everyone is out of step but Johnny.  

She gets hold of something, when she's in these moods, and won't let it go.  She's like a dog with a chewtoy.  She's amazingly focused.  She'd be graduated University by now if she focused that hard on her schooling.  Talk about fixated.

And so I have to fight hard with myself to stay calm and not let her gripes and groans get my day going with a bomb instead of a mug of good coffee.  I simply can't let that happen.  Really good coffee is hard to come by.

My family laugh at me because every time I have a mug of coffee I can get enthused about, I end up spilling it, or the dogs knock it over or it gets toppled somehow.  

The next mug is never quite as good.  

Although....I'm damn good at pretending.  Starts the day better that way.

  2008 JLD

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