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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Night Words and Penny Pinching

It's been a productive day so far.  I'm enjoying this new-found push to writing.  Seems like I'm writing all the time at the moment.  Martin and Harriet have started talking again.  They got me out of bed at 2:30am.  Oddly, I don't feel tired today despite how late they kept me up. I couldn't shut them up.  So there's a new dialogue today.  Always a good thing.  I love that I hear them again.  

I'm also making progress on my newest book project.  I'll post more details when I'm ready, but generally, as writing goes, I tend to hold my work pretty "close to the chest" while in progress.  I'm pretty sure that comes from not wanting it read until it's ready....cooked to perfection, so to speak.  

There is a blog I've been reading for years.  A writer friend recommended it way back and I've been popping in every few days to catch up, ever since.  I honestly missed reading it while I was in hospital last year for that three weeks.

John Bailey is The Old Grey Poet, a faithful blogger and all round nice man who lives in the UK with his partner Graham and their cat Dolly, a large princess who rules the roost.  Recently John started fresh, archiving years of his life's activities and opening And No Cheese, a blog well worth peeking into.

This morning I was reading his latest entry about the economy and how prices for fuel and heating costs were going to rise by a pretty phenomenal percent and how pensions and income never quite seemed to rise at the same rate.  Purse string tightening would have to commence.

It really hit home for me, how blessed I am at this point.  Not on a fixed income, I will feel the pinch that will come this winter here, too, but not like pensioners and people on disability and other fixed levels of our society.  And dollar values aren't the only way that pinch may be felt.  Reducing the heat even a few degrees to help with costs will see some folks struggling with painful joints and less mobility because of aggravated arthritis.  Saving pennies may mean scrimping on foods they should have and need, for a cheaper choice.

These economic migraines have very different effects for different people.  Some will be hit far worse than others.

I think maybe I'll double count my blessings tonight.


  2008 JLD




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