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Nov. 07, 2008

Tub-Thumping in the 21st Century

Many, in this age of online/offline venues, are under misapprehensions as to the role of the blogger.  Although blogging is an online sport, the information that bloggers put out there occupies both sides of the virtual fence. 


We’ve seen recent video clips that show “that Palin woman” from Alaska as blaming “bloggers” for much of what was rumored about her.  (I’m sure some of the erroneous rumors were started by overactive imaginations in “parents’ basement in pajamas” Being brutally honest though, most of the bits floating around about her still feel like they could have a ring of truth...)


The mistaken impression that many have is that blogging is “the voice of the common man”.


Au contraire mes amis.  Quite the opposite.  Bloggers are the voice of the very uncommon man. 


Yes there are bloggers who’s posts are bits of daily this and that.  By their very definition they are uncommon because each life is unique.  These types of blogs can be very enjoyable to read over coffee daily.  Like keeping up with a friend.


What I’m referring to here are the Tub-Thumpers…those bloggers who spend their time and talent providing countless hours of unique perspectives and opinions, proclaiming them loudly on a blog platform.  As loudly as virtual type can get.  Blogging on politics, current events, human interest stories, biographical glimpses and many many other topics, some coming from the head and others from the heart.  What can be considered almost comical is that the “bloggesphere” is almost as much a part of the mainstream media as the Daily Show is in news reporting.


With impassioned language, clear points of view and a ready supply of swordly pens, bloggers have become the loud voice of the population in so many ways.  To keep a blog, to be really committed to it also means that we are committed to the focus or readership it garners and by relationship, a commitment to keeping abreast of the world and its news, an essential to passing it on.


Gone are the days of articles dropping from view after the day’s newspaper lines Polly’s cage.  Gone are the days when only the few had a voice. And most thankfully, gone are the days of searching for a way to make a statement.  Today’s soapboxes can be stood on in pajamas in your mum’s basement if that’s how a blogger wants to play it and bravo to choices.


Yes, the methods may change over time, getting more streamlined, broader, more techie, but ultimately now that Bloggers have found a voice, it’s not likely to be lost again.


Blog-Thumpers are here to stay.



©  2008 JLD



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