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Who's the Lead in Your Life Story?

I was watching a movie today called Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslet.  

In it, Eli Wallach portrays an elderly writer who spent his life in the glory days of Hollywood, working for, and meeting the greats of that era. The Golden Age of Tinsel Town. His favorite old movies are those with strong female leads and he passes this love on to a friend.  She is holding back on life because of unrequited love.  She is in love with a man who isn't in love with her.

Wallach reminds her that only she can be the Leading Lady in her life's story.  A powerful and resourceful leading lady.

I love that imagery.  It's something I've really come to understand lately.  Something I've had to get my mind round.  

I am the Lead in my Story.  No one can be me quite like me.  I'm the first and last in this movie. 

I feel very grateful to be becoming more and more clear on this.  Life becomes easier once we realize that we are who we are.  We can work on weight, or exercise or learning, but ultimately we are this person we are.  It seems that once we get a really clear picture of just how "us" we are, we are free then to be whatever we want. 

Because we know that as long as we're true to who we are, then we become far more comfortable in our own skin.  

Personally, my fantasy wish list this time of year would include a body like vintage Elvira, the voice of Loreena McKinnett, the artistic talent of my friend Lorna, and the cartooning skills of this guy I know on the internet.  (I can't help the Elvira connection, Halloween being just around the corner and all)

These autumn days seem to bring me more in line with what I want for my life, with my role in service to this planet and this era, and awareness of my strengths and weaknesses.  Maybe it's the longer nights or the more "inward" journey that happens during the longer winter season, but I find myself coming alive with self-awareness at this time of year.  A time for philosophy, questioning and growth. 

In all that, with life as it is, I choose to be my own Leading Lady.  I sit straighter in ;my chair at that imagery.  It's empowering and I love that it is. 

Who's going to play the lead in your Story?


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