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He's dead and she's not. Their life took an odd turn when Martin passed away.  Harriet soon found out he didn't get the "away" part right.  Eavesdrop for a moment...
Martin & Harriet  -  he's dead; she's not

Martin & Harriet
He's dead; She's not.

by Janet Thompson

the First One
The Afterlife

2. Out To Lunch 
Funeral & Pipe 
Mothers -in-Law 
5. On fleas & Leaving
6. Writing Afternoon 
7. Cold Nights 
8. The First Noel
9. Ankles and Sex 
10. Others Like Us 
11. Venus & Mars  
12. Lifetime on the Hips 
13. Books and Block 
14. Insurance Purposes 
15. Alone in the Ether 
16. Car Trouble 
17. Boring is as Boring Does

18. To Her Health 
Earning Grey Hairs



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Martin & Harriet
He's dead, she's not.


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