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Boring is as Boring Does 



Yes, Martin? 

Do you remember when we took that trip to the coast?  That beautiful room overlooking the beach. 

Yes, I remember.  That was one of the few times you didnít drive me mad in under three days. 

Oh do tell, woman. 

I loved you dearly on our trips, Martin, but you drove me crazy.  Arrival times, departure times, trip diaries.  Honestly you reminded me of my father, when we were kids on a car trip. 

Please, your father was all business.  Rather boring. 


Oh come on.  You canít honestly say I was boring?! 

Yes Martin.  Yes I can.  You got mind-numbingly tedious with all the rubbish about planning to the minute.  Drove me mad. 

Well, itís nice to finally know how you really feel. You actually could have told me, Harriet.  Maybe I could have changed or something. 

Martin, please.  Darling, nothing would have changed.  Planning was your passion.  I only hope youíve learned to chill out a bit.  I know your body is likely done just that. 

Funny Harriet.  Very funny. 

Awe Martin.  If I canít tease you now, when will I ever be able to? 

Sometimes it feels a bit more cruel than teasing, darling. 

A little late to be getting thin skinned love.  You donít have any skin.  Thin or otherwise. 

Yep.  Iím home.  Thanks for the reminder, Harriet. 

No problem dear.  Now quiet, so I can finish this chapter.

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