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Martin & Harriet -  Out To Lunch


Harriet, youíre out of control,. 

No Iím not! 

Hard to say that without your skirt, donít you think? 

Oh hell, Martin.  Do shut up.  Iím trying to get ready to go out. 

Donít forget your skirt, dear.  You have lovely legs, but a woman your age shouldnít be traipsing around without her clothes. 

A woman my age?  I look damn good for my age.  I get a lot of attention now that Iím a widow.  It doesnít take long for your pub chums to start calling. 

Yes Harriet, I saw it all the time with those boys.  Nothing is sacred to them, including the memory of a friend.  Bastards.  No scruples, those guys. 

I donít really want to date any of them, Martin.  Truth is, I miss youÖ.well I miss ďusĒÖour bickering, our loving and our all-out fights.  I really miss you.  I know youíre still here to talk to, but itís not the same. 

No, youíre right Harriet.  I really have no inkling of how long Iíll be with you.  There has to be some reason Iím still here and canít leave.  But damn nice of you to open your heart and let me know Iím missed. 

Yes, well.  Donít you tell a soul.   Iíll deny it all.  

Harriet, who the hell and I going to tell?  No one but you can see or hear me. 

I keep forgetting that, Martin.  Youíre so ďrealĒ here.  Well, except of course for the misty bits. 

Iím beginning to change my mind about reality, darling.  Being dead gives you a bit of a perception jolt.  Iím not so sure about the things I was sure about when I was alive. 

Martin, it gives me the willies when you talk about being dead.  Did you see the LightÖor any of that nonsense? 

I told you before darling.  I remember nothing until I was here. 

Ah, just as well probably.  You never were good with orders.  Best they leave you here until they can give you a firm destination. 

Thanks a lot darling.  I was hoping at least you would have acknowledged my angelic points. 

Oh, Martin, do let me get dressed!

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