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Mar 31 / 09

Fear is Not an Option - Michael J. Fox and Life


Here's hoping that Rush Limbaugh caught a glimpse of Oprah today.  I doubt he's a fan, but maybe one of his female relatives had tuned in. Today, she welcomed Michael J. Fox to her show, in all his shake and shimmy glory.  He's a heart and soul, wrapped in an imperfect body.  In other words he's human and dealing with with things most of us can't imagine. Rush had the audacity to tell his listeners that Fox had exaggerated his symptoms and shaking. 

I genuinely hope Limbaugh never has to deal with what Fox deals with every day of his life.  Limbaugh should really understand compassion, considering his addiction.  Considering his size, he might want to think before he speaks with that type of distain again. .

Michael J. Fox is an example to us all, of the power of love, courage and a desire to live each day to its fullest.  In his own words, "vanity is the first thing to go".  He tells about how he had to leave his ego at the door to be able to deal with the ever-increasing symptoms of Parkinson's disease. 

He has campaigned tirelessly for stem cell research, activist for Parkinson's research and still has the humor and life in him to tell short jokes. He writes books, loves and plays with his kids, and skates like the Canadian-grown, hockey player that he is, telling us how his being on the ice gives him a sense of freedom because he can skate more easily and better than he can walk.

A day in the life of MJF isn't something any of us wants to experience; his day starting with a handful of pills and hard shoes to keep his feet from curling in on themselves, causing excruciating pain. 

Stem cell research is now a reality and Oprah's Dr. Oz predicts that it is within single digit years until we breakthrough with life saving results. Opponents might not remain opponents too long if they watched someone they love have to deal with life in the way Fox does, or if they had to deal with a lover who's life was disintegrating because of Alzheimer's disease, another stem cell hope-focus. 

Now that Obama has signed to move forward with funding for SCR, we're going to see a fantastic leap forward in cure advances for all these devastating diseases.  The previous administration succeeded in stalling this research for many years, but now we're back on track.  The future is looking brighter and calmer for Michael and others who have bravely continued to fight and remain active in the advancement of stem cell research.


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