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The ďIn Your FaceĒ Approach to Life 

I think the Brits have the right idea.  For some reason the Americans just canít pull it off like those in-your-face English Pros. 

Iím talking about reality shows like How Clean Is Your House, or You Are What You Eat.  

Holy tea and crumpets folks.  If you need inspiration, on MANY levels, tune in to some of those BBC shows and youíre off to a great start.  

In How Clean Is Your House, we seen Kim Woodburn and Aggie McKenzie, on a rampage to clean up Britain.  Well, theyíve cleaned up my living room and bed room, both of which were no where near the disgusting mess of the vast majority of oh-so-house-proud people they visit and help.  

Itís truly an inspiring half hour.  Knowing not only that there are some incredibly horrendous housenotkeepers scattered around Britain (tv would have us believe they are all Hyacinth Buckets), but also inspiring in that it doesnít take a massive amount of effort to stay on top of all the day to day cleaning we all should do.  Like I said, inspiration. 

I adore those two women.  Kim with her campy attitude and great gams, in heels no lessÖand Aggie with her no-nonsense way about her, letting people know just what dirty beggars they are both visually and microscopically.  Cleaning up Britain.  We could use a few Kims and Aggies in North America.  We could indeed. 

And then there is that little yoda-like diet sergeant, Gillian McKeith.  People are literally scared to see her come round the corner.  They know life has changed suddenly and completely.  McKeith broaches no argument and no cheating.  She packs a yearís worth of nutrition education and motivation into just eight weeks, often using in-your-face techniques like loading tables full of what the poor sod ate last week, a chocolate grave, a giant bucket of coffee, etc.  Right smack dab in your face. 

Youíre fat, tubby, lardbutt, butterbutt, are just a few of the insults both McKeith and the narrator call the participants (the nominees) who ultimately take control over their health and lives, showing how it can be done, with perseverance and hard work.  Now, donít get me wrong, Iím sure there are failures to her plan, but naturally theyíre not going to show that on the program, which I happen to agree with.  This is a program to educate and motivate fat folks in England and around the world to a better healthier set of choices.  Whether you like her or hate her, she's getting people motivated.

It works.  

Between clean houses and clean bodies, Britain is cleaning up.  These programs are worth the watch.  Some can take it, some canít.  In the long run, itís all entertainment, but these two shows are certainly that plus a whole lot more. 

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