Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
                 -  Einstein

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Be Specific - Learning the fine art of clarity

The vast majority of fights, wars, conflicts and law suits, come from a place of misunderstanding.  Many, if not the majority, could have been avoided by simple clarification.  Misunderstandings and misinformation are deadly in the field of communication.  Negative and annoying, these things cause strife, stress and deterioration. 

Be clear.  Make that your life s vision for a while.  Be clear in your communication with others, in your interaction with your kids, in your conversations with your parents,  Most of all, be clear with your intentions in life.  Be clear with your dreams, hopes, goals and desires.  If you dont clearly set out what it is you want, how can you focus clearly on the outcome.  You have to have clear guidelines to do a job.  Consider visualizing your future and life,  Be clear and absolute.  


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