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An Hour Here and There - In Touch With Writing

Some days seem like a strain when it comes to the deadlines I have. I generally feel quite good about the projects I take on, meaning that the vibes feel good. I pay close attention to my emotions with regard to my work. I don't take on projects that make me feel bad or negative. If I choose to write those kinds of emotions into my characters, then of course I feel it and often cry along with them.

When it comes to projects others pay me for, I'm much choosier. Today was a bit of a strain. The first half of the day I spent looking for a hook for an article I'm doing for a new age magazine. The afternoon, after fixing a particularly delicious mug of coffee, I sank into a completely frivolous short story. I don't know if I'll ever finish it, but it provided three hours of wonderful escapery.

I'm completely in love with the times when my words sweep me away and I create the reality of the moment. I crave those moments, those hours. They happen frequently for me. From all I've read, I'm probably luckier than most and I always feel blessed after I read what is produced at these times. Blessed, indeed. Being a writer seems so exotic to so many. With these wonderful productive times, it really is exotic.



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