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Feb. 11 / 09

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

We had heavy winds tonight, howling, as though the sound was a canopy above our heads.  My thoughts ran wild with the wind as it whipped around, catching this bit of scrap or that stick.  It took us in itís grasp for a moment, moving us off our heels as we laughed and opened our arms to it. 

The storm warnings were warranted and we got rain, thunder, hail, but crowning it after the brief storm, were not one but two rainbows, one of which was a complete arch from one end to the other.  The second one echoed the first, across the sky, fading about half way.  Iíve never seen colors that bright showing after a storm.

The wind reminded me of a week I spent on the north Atlantic coast.  The wind whips you around so hard you can hold onto something and nearly go horizontal with its force.  Tonight I thought about that long-ago trip and watching the sun rise on the east coast.  The only thing missing was the salt that stung our cheeks and forehead that morning.  Worth every bit of sting, though.  An experience, to be sure.

This evening I stood, embracing the wind, getting to know it again, with its force and bluster.


©  2009 JLD



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