Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
                 -  Einstein

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Ok. So I'm writing


So what?


Better question… now what?


To put aimless words on paper (or screen as the case may be)


To type without thinking, compose without composing.


I'm writing with my eyes closed.  Ha.  Thank you Mrs. Oliver, sixth grade typing class.


I don't even care if I err.  I love that word, err. 


To err is human.  You can say that again, bubba.


A watershed moment in a writer's life…


Or the life of the current project.


The watershed moment is…ta da..!!! 


When it dawns on the writer EXACTLY what they're writing.  Like velvet waves. 


Suddenly we realize that we've fallen into our own work.  Whatever that work is – story, book, article, blog post or tattoo across a lover's ass.


A writer can plan, block, brainstorm, note-make or otherwise jot everything about the work. 


Everything about a character's life.  Everything about a storyline, love arrangement, etc.  But in a moment…(actually a flash of a moment)  that writer knows…KNOWS who that character is, what their life is, what their part in this world s/he's created.  It's like an "ah ha…" moment only better. 


In my opinion, better than sex.  But that's another post entirely.


I love those defining moments.  Hell, maybe it doesn't happen for all other writers like that. I have a murder of friends or so who write on the precipice like this, too. 


Then again maybe others know exactly where their story is going, how their characters are going to behave and all other assorted details before they even sit down at the laptop. 


Me… I let it flow and there comes that moment.


That moment when I know.



Well imagine that.


When you write … just write,

Something always comes out.


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