Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
                 -  Einstein

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The Love Of Writing

Writing isn't something I have to do, as some writers claim. Writing is something I love to do. It's something that makes me feel good and creative and when I'm finished a piece of writing, no matter how big or small, it's a wonderful feeling. When I finished my first book, it felt like heaven. When the publisher called to say they were sending my advance check, it felt surreal. When I finally held the book finished and with cover, I felt outside myself and have continued to feel that way with each manuscript and work.

Like any other creative pursuit, writing can be as much a part of us as our genetics. We reach for it, we embrace it and we create.

At times, the "have to" comes to the front. Like a bad and clinging earworm, something can get stuck in our brains and it just has to be written down to be got rid of.  Ultimately I think writers write because they love to write, but I can't speak for other writers. You can usually tell the difference between those who love it and those who use it as a starving-writer kind of self-illustration of a drive. 

I know that if I was in a circumstance where I had no writing impliments, I might find myself pulling a de Sade and write with wine on a sheet. I've never pushed it to that point and don't know if my head would explode or not.  Madness might be each writer's fate should we fail to get it down, but I think it's more about love.

I'm grateful for all the words I get to play with whenever I want, like well-loved children's toys, worn smooth with use. They are mine to sort, manipulate, attend to and love. 

Wordsmithing, to me, is a life-saving, soul-saving love.


  2009 JLD



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