Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
                 -  Einstein

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Some Writers Thrive On Change


For many writers, myself included, a change really is as good as a rest.  To really keep your writing fresh and crisp, sometimes you have to give yourself a change of scene.  Variety can ignite a spark of new creativity and kick-start a piece you’ve had slow simmering.  I had one of my best stories come from an adventure in a particular forum online.


It’s not good for the soul to stem the flow of creativity and spark by confining the writer-you to one place with your writing.  Spread out.  Get creative in other venues.  Make sure you don’t let your writing’s environment get stale.  Try another blog on another topic.  See what other options are out there to spotlight your writing.


Something that many new or less-confident writers seem to share is a devaluing of their work. 


We know if our work is good or not.  We don’t need anyone to tell us.  I say that about every single writer I’ve ever known, read about, heard about or my own experiences.  We ALWAYS know whether our work resonates with us in a good or bad way.  It’s our creation. We know.  If you say you don’t know, then you are forsaking self-honesty for the illusion of naivety.  You can hear it in your head as you write it.  You can read it again and again. You know if it’s good.  You’re not bragging when you grin and say “yes! that ‘s good”.  You’re being good to that part of you that creases and folds and manipulates words and sentences. You’re being fair and honest to that part of you that connects with the gods of creativity. 


If you enjoy your current blog, fantastic, but for the sake of a change now and then, try signing up for other blogs at different places to give yourself choices…a break, new atmospheres, focus…


Sometimes for a writer, a change really is as good as a rest.


©  2009 JLD



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