Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
                 -  Einstein

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It Actually Is All About You

We think that's a selfish phrase.  We chuckle when Freaky talks about that.  It's all about her her her.

 Well friends, it IS all about you.  This life is a singular event, for the moment.  After we die, we may see our beliefs or faith played out, with a Heaven, or a Summerland, or whatever your idea of the afterlife is.

But for now, this life is what we have.  A greater gift cannot be found.  Period.

Oh wait...there is a greater gift. 

The gift of seeing clearly that each moment of this amazing existence is precious.  We cannot duplicate it, we cannot buy another, we cannot give it away.  Each moment is ours to do with what we choose. 

Take a moment and hug your partner / child / parent / pet.

That's a wonderful way to begin a series of our moments.  You choose.

The crux is that this moment never happens again, so if it passes into obscurity without your notice, seems a waste.

If you sit in the sunshine, dance in the rain, breathe in the flowers or sing in shower, whatever your choice of spending your moments, make sure its something that fills you.  No matter how small.  Do your best to fill your moments with joy, laughter, love.

Your life, your moments.

How will you spend yours?


  2009 JLD



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